Whey Better Cookies are Superfoods!

We make them from the world’s most nutritious ingredients -- and they taste AWESOME!

Because the nutritional benefits have been carefully researched and verified, you can be sure that our cookies make superior meal replacements and snacks. We challenge you to find a healthier cookie!

For retail inquiries and more information on purchasing wholesale, please email questions@wheybettercookies.com

Can we out-train a bad diet? Can we have a productive day running on empty? For me, the answer is no; I knew I couldn’t get the positive results of exercise if I didn’t couple it with healthy food--and to stay on track, the food also had to taste good and be convenient. So I created these flavorful meal replacement cookies for my family, friends and myself, and now YOU!

Since they are nutritionally superior to fast food meals yet cost less, we enjoy them for breakfast, between meals and after workouts. We love them with hot coffee or a cold drink. I think you will enjoy them, too. Email Charles@WheyBetterCookies and tell me what you think!

Charles Kaye
Whey Better Cookies

The Nutritional Benefits in Whey Better Cookies

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Apples lower cholesterol, reduce vascular plaque, regulate blood sugar, curbs hunger, protect against cancers, safeguard lungs, and whiten teeth naturally.

Aluminum-Free Baking Powder eliminates the metallic aftertaste and toxicity of aluminum-based powders that are associated with dementia, including Alzheimer’s.

Baking Soda buffers stomach acids, promotes healthy kidney function, prevents cancers, and buffers lactic acid that causes muscles sorenss after strenuous exercise.

Bananas lower blood pressure, protect heart, promote bone growth, sooth indigestion, strengthen stomach lining, replenish energy, and reduce constipation.

Butter protects against, cancer, calcification of joints and tooth decay, promotes thyroid, adrenal, brain health and muscle growth, helps body absorb minerals, and promotes GI health.

Cherries promote collagen growth to keep tissues strong and heal wounds, promotes eye health, reduces belly fat, reduces risk of diabetes, stroke and heart disease.

Chia Seeds increase endurance, curbs appetite, regulates blood sugar, aids regularity, prolongs hydration, increases nutritional absorption, and reduces risk of osteoporosis.

Chocolate elevates mood and alertness, acts as an aphrodisiac, reduces risk of cancer and heart disease.

Cinnamon lowers blood sugar, inhibits development of Alzheimer’s disease, repels pests and kills bacteria, a whiff of cinnamon boosts alertness and improves mood.

Cranberries lower bad cholesterol, reduces risk of cancer, prevents atherosclerosis boost immune system, prevents urinary tract infection and protects digestive tract from bacteria.

Three protein-filled, healthful Whey Better Cookies

Eggs protect against cataracts, macular degeneration, heart disease and strokes, regulates nervous system activity, reduces risk of breast cancer, and improves health of hair and nail health.

Gluten-Free Flour Blend reduces risk of allergic reaction from gluten, is more digestible, soothes bowels, promotes regularity and GI health, and reduces risk of cancer and tumor growth.

Steel Cut Oats lower bad cholesterol and blood pressure, protects against cancer, atherosclerosis, and diabetes, boosts immune system, promotes weight loss, and improves bowel regularity.

Peanut Butter promotes heart health, reduces risks of stroke, colon cancer, gallstones. Protects against age-related cognitive decline, and curbs appetite.

Turbinado Sugar less processed and tastier than white sugar and provides instant energy.

Vanilla neutralizes free radicals, boosts immune system, aroma is an aphrodisiac, antidepressant and relaxant, and regulates menses.

Whey Protein Powder considered the best source of protein, and with branched chain amino acids, activates muscle protein synthesis depleted during hard training.

Preservatives - none - Please store in the freezer or refridgerator.

Need to know more?
Please email us at Questions [at] WheyBetterCookies [dot] com

How Do Whey Better Cookies Compare?

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Whey Better Quest MetRx Muscle Milk Pure Protein Clif Builder EAS Zone Detour
Calories 494 160 320 320 200 280 350 210 340
Carbs 46g 25g 33g 30g 16g 29g 36g 24g 33g
Protein 42g 20g 32g 25g 20g 20g 30g 14g 30g
Fats 16g 5g 10g 11g 4g 9g 9g 7g 10g
Fresh Banana YES No No No No No No No No
Palm Kernel Oil NO Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
63% Cacao Chocolate Chips YES No No No No No No No No
Cocoa Powder NO Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Fresh Eggs YES No No No No No No No No
Non-GMO Gluten-Free Flour YES No No No No No No No No
White Flour NO No No No No No Yes No No
Unsalted Peanut Butter YES No No No No No No No No
Organic Peanut Butter YES No No No No No Not Organic Not Organic No
Peanuts NO Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No Yes
Emulsifiers NO No Yes Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes
Non-GMO Gluten-Free Whey YES No No No No No No No No
Soy Protein Blends NO Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Natural Sugars YES Yes No Yes No No No No No
Processed Sugars NO No No No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Glycerin NO No Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Corn Syrup NO No No No No No Yes Yes No
Preservatives NO No No No No No No No Yes

What People are Saying About Whey Better Cookies

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“Whey Better Cookies are an amazing way to help people who aren't used to being on a diet make macronutrient goals. With ample amount of carbs and protein, Whey Better Cookies deliver where other protein bars fall short.”
Pathana Vathanonhan
ISSA certified personal trainer and body builder

“These protein cookies are the best cookies I have ever had in my life!!!!! I'm addicted!”
Summer Haggins
Vice President of Accounting Lakewood University and Professional All Natural Bikini Competitor

“BEST COOKIES EVA!!! I seriously love them. Can't even put into words my affections for these cookies!”
Lynette Hendrix Sciulli
Owner at Lynette Sciulli Day Spa, Professional All Natural Physique Competitor & 2014 3rd place winner at Natural Ohio NPC

“Whey Better Cookies are awesome! Kills the sweet tooth without killing your meal plan. Hands down, Oatmeal Apple Cran-Raisin is my favorite!”
Kristen Morgan White
Store manager and stylist at Best Cuts and health conscious weight lifter

“These cookies are amazing! With almost 40 grams of protein, 50 grams of carbs and low fat, I'll probably never want a regular cookie again.”
Ike Haggins
Real Estate Agent, Solon, Ohio

“I am very blessed to have met Charles. Little did I know that he was an awesome cook. One day in the beginning of our venture at Fitness First, Charles brought Kristin and I protein cookies just to eat, and it became love at first bite . We sampled them out to a few customers and the next day people were asking for more and more. Soon, Charles became the cookie man.
These are, by far, the best tasting, healthiest proteins cookies in the industry. He makes them with all natural ingredients, GMO FREE and no trans fat. We literally go through HUNDREDS of Whey Better Cookies each week. Our pup Tyson even loves them. I have to give Whey Better Cookies credit, they are part of the reason we are becoming more and more successful everyday as a company. Keep on doing what your doing and don't change a thing!”
Angelo Francis, Kristin Span & Tyson
Fitness First Ultimate Sports Supplements

A sheet of protein-rich Whey Better Oatmeal Cran-Raisin Cookies, warm from the oven